About Me


I was born and raised in the southern United States and have constantly been impacted by the “southern hospitality” mantra present there. It is my belief that our surroundings are really what drive home the feeling of warm hospitality and make us identify places as “home” or a “home away from home.”

That southern mantra or belief in the significance of our surroundings has carried with me through my family’s moves around the South growing up as well as my travels to various countries throughout my life. In all of these journeys, both the natural setting and the one I create for myself in order to feel “at home” are what continue to impact me and my art.


In each of my series (acrylic, watercolor, and fabrics) there is a connection to a past home of mine. Whether it be camp, Central America, Italy, or my own backyard as I have moved towns growing up, these places evoke the feeling of “home” which is exactly what I want to provide for my viewers. Maybe it is the southerner in me, but hospitality is the way I lead my art and my life. This is why I am here now, to welcome you to my website. I hope you find joy, peace, and a little piece of home inside.